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Features Found in IP Telephones


Today, a lot of small businesses are switching to IP telephony systems. There are many advantages that come with using these IT & telephone systems. However, some small businesses are overlooking the most important features. The common options are remote operation, call forwarding, toll-free numbers, call waiting and voicemail. Aside from these features, there are many more features that can help your company.


The entry buzzer integration


This function helps you integrate a door phone to get a two-way call with people visiting your premises. It allows you to open the door if you want to let the visitors into your office. This is a great way to boost your building's security. Be sure to visit this website at and know more about VoIP.


Call routing


Many freelancers will appreciate the find me call routing feature. This feature helps you make a list of phone numbers through which you can be reached before the caller is directed to voicemail. For instance, a client may call your phone twice. The third call will be diverted to your second phone number. The call will then get pushed to voicemail if the list is exhausted.


Voicemail to email transcriptions


The voicemail to email transcription feature allows your Sangoma UAE system to transcribe your voicemail messages to text. The text is then sent to your email. So, you don't need to note down addresses, numbers and names. You can read through the emails when you have time to do so. This enables you to search, delete, organize and file your voicemail.


Music on hold


If you have to put callers on hold, you need this feature to keep them entertained. Music on hold allows you to pick what you want your callers to listen to. The IP telephone can play music, audio advertisements or both.


Bandwidth utilization and call reports


Data management and tracking are essential to every company using Yealink IP Phones. A well-managed IP telephony service can offer bandwidth usage data that helps you check the amount of data used over a certain period. Call detail reports allow you to check the call history of your company. The information includes cost, origin, duration and destination of calls.


Call screening


The call screening option is a great feature of IP phones that can come in handy. You can use it to look at the caller's number and decide on how to treat it.  For example, you can redirect a call from your family members to your personal cell phone number. If you have a caller who's bothering your business, you can disconnect them automatically.